About Lets – Help

The ‘Let’s Help’ charity began with one man’s dream to change lives for the better.
This wholesome and inclusive charity promotes dignity for the disenfranchised.
Through counselling, education and skills development we aim to create livelihoods that go beyond just survival but a chance for people to live with purpose.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. This proverb demonstrates the crucial principle of alleviating poverty by facilitating self-sufficiency. We believe that through counselling and education people can learn their own inherent value. Instead of immediate survival methods for the destitute, we foster the creation and implementation of sustainable, long-term solutions.

‘Let’s Help’ identifies existing reputable charities that aid in poverty alleviation, empowerment, education and training. We then seek to invest in these charities, thereby providing the resources that these communities really need. We help to raise funds for these charities, so they have more time to actively take part in these incredible acts of kindness. Our long-term goal, through each mission we support, is to see radically changed lives.

We identify existing reputable charities that aid in poverty alleviation, upliftment, education, training, and the like. We then seek to invest into these charities, thereby providing the resources that communities really need. Firstly, by assisting in immediate relief, and then helping to provide long-term and self-sustaining solutions.


Our Goal

We want to extend the opportunity to individuals, families, SME’s and corporates to invest in these labours of compassion. The contributor is assured that 90% of donations are utilized for the actual need they are giving to and 10% is used to cover overheads and practical costs (which include general administration, website maintenance, marketing, salaries for assistants, petrol, phones, etc.) ‘Let’s Help Other’s’ is fully transparent – the website will include a progress report system to ‘track’ your donation’s impact!

I personally know each and every person involved in the causes we support and their hearts are in the right place! They are kind, generous, warm people and the well-being of others supersedes their own! My motto is: When you are blessed financially, do not raise your standard of living, but rather raise your standard of giving.

We can all make a difference by standing together and supporting these worthy causes. We appreciate any and all gifts / donations (none being too small or too large) and it is income tax deductible!

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Yours faithfully
Hein Strydom – Founder

PBO nr. 930053636 – A Non-Profit Company with 5 directors and audited yearly – “public benefit organization in terms of section 30(1) and section 18A of the Income Tax Act”.