The Shackbuilder

Our Story

The ‘Shackbuilder’ is a non-profit company that builds shacks within informal settlements for the community, to provide homes for families and community members.

The Founder, Quinton Adams is an Educational Psychologist, Researcher, Lecturer and Consultant. He has vast knowledge and experience in alleviating poverty and Sustainable Solutions.

For seventeen years, this remarkable man has taken it upon himself to change the lives of families, one shack at a time! He says that “by building something decent for people, it not only restores their dignity, but also gives them the chance to rebuild their lives.”

In 2018, he has built 12 shacks with his dedicated team of management, community members, builders from the community and stakeholders.

Quinton Davids (the 7de Laan actor) is making a Shackbuilder Movie to be released to audiences in 2019! Thereafter it will be marketed to the international movie circuit!

Mnet is financing this documentary film. He was awarded The Community Chest Carrier of the Flag Award for Community Service in 2018! Quinton has also received an ETV nomination as a South African Hero.

The cost of a ‘shack’ is roughly R17 000 depending on the size (the size of the family is considered). Durafoil helps to insulate, solar lamps to prevent fires and ‘fire proof’ paint in case of a fire.

To help Quintin and his team provide people with much needed homes please donate!