Gateway Radio 89.6


Gateway Radio 89.6 fm will empower and unite with a common purpose of producing health, unity, prosperity and peace.


Through its broadcasts Gateway Radio 89.6 FM provides a platform to inform, unite and uplift and empower the community in areas of need by providing relevant programming and publicizing of help agencies, health awareness, economic empowerment etc. It is the station’s commitment to reach the community with practical assistance, in all areas of life.

Our aim is to establish a relationship in the region by building an inter community network system and utilising representatives in various towns, rural sites and locations to offer local news and feedback in order to identify the needs of local residents.

Address such problems which can be rectified by means of information and education, as well as encouraging community assistance where hands on physical help is required. Circulate solar powered radios which can receive Gateway Radio broadcasts amongst members of the community who have no other means by which to receive the programs.

We identify existing reputable charities that aid in poverty alleviation, upliftment, education, training, and the like. We then seek to invest into these charities, thereby providing the resources that communities really need. Firstly, by assisting in immediate relief, and then helping to provide long-term and self-sustaining solutions.

Our Future Plans

Our primary objective is to obtain an already identified building from which to operate (presently operating from home) The cost is 1.6 million ZAR to furbish building approximate cost R600,000 ZAR.

We await a grant from the Department of communications which has been approved but long delayed. This is for the payment of SENTECH to date plus state of the art studios. Value exceeds 2 mil.ZAR

We are liaising with NGO CAPS in Swellendam for the provision of post matric students to be trained as local news correspondents for Gateway Radio 89.6fm. These will be sponsored and sent to each of the major towns in the Hessequa district to collect local news items and sports information.

We are looking for committed volunteer presenters to create community related shows

Our ultimate goal is to be able to have at least 2 professional journalist/presenters for our signature show ‘Gemeenskapskakel’ . The show is to run for 2 hours twice daily and refer to local news, personalities, events and information.