Wings of Hope

My Vision: to work with women in crisis giving them counselling and information.

•  Abortion, Adoption and Parenting
•  Pre-birth Education
•  Teen Pregnancy and Parent groups
•  Grace Network
•  Free Pregnancy Test

• Testing and Counselling
• Information
• Support Groups

Goal: to see lives transformed by unconditional love through Recovery Counselling, Support in pregnancy loss and empowerment through offering / teaching Life Skills that will result in material sustainability.

Aims: Holistic healing – spirit, soul and body – hence the name of the NPO – Wings of Hope.

•  To reach out to women and girls who find themselves in difficult situations i.e. rape, HIV/AIDS and Abortion victims.
•  Women in loveless polygamous marriages – not by choice but circumstances.

•  A base to work from – I have identified a place up for sale in Zimbabwe 5000m2 for $65 000-00. There are title deeds for the property and it has running water and electricity. It is dilapidated and needs some attention.

•  A 4×4 vehicle – To reach the rural areas where the need is highest.

•  Operational funds – any gift / donation will help. The more money available will mean – more help can be offered to more victims in more places!

Please help me to spread the WINGS OF HOPE!

We identify existing reputable charities that aid in poverty alleviation, upliftment, education, training, and the like. We then seek to invest into these charities, thereby providing the resources that communities really need. Firstly, by assisting in immediate relief, and then helping to provide long-term and self-sustaining solutions.