Farmer’s Daughter


Our nation faces a great challenge in dealing with the need for healthy food together with an ever-increasing shortage of natural resources.


Farmer’s Daughter is committed to economic sustainability and the growth of our farm, as well as being able to deliver the highest quality fresh produce to supermarkets and to your family table.

To increase our harvest, we are looking to invest in farming equipment, an irrigation system, fencing and seed.

Join us on this journey to help keep food on the table and feed our community families.

Whatever is in your hand…we would be grateful for your investment in bringing food to our nation.

We identify existing reputable charities that aid in poverty alleviation, upliftment, education, training, and the like. We then seek to invest into these charities, thereby providing the resources that communities really need. Firstly, by assisting in immediate relief, and then helping to provide long-term and self-sustaining solutions.