Equipping Kids

Our Vision
The human and spiritual growth of children, youth, young adults and parents by assisting them in character and moral development.

Stage 1: Children 5 to 12 years
We equip children to be spiritual winners with character, integrity and high moral values.
We create an environment of faith, hope and love where the children’s character can be built to enable them to make sound moral and lifestyle choices.
Educate parents to be able to understand their children’s need and support their children.

As a being we are made up of 3 parts: Spirit, Soul and Body.
For a child to be a champion we need to ensure that they are reached Spirit, Soul & Body.

Kids Ignite Power Club is a group of children meeting on a weekly basis and are taught moral values based on biblical principles.

This is our intellect, our will, mind and emotions and is dominated with what is happening in our spirit. With the right foundation children would not be influenced by the negativity happening around them.

A healthy body compliments the spirit and soul.
Sport and art will be covered here. The training here will be age appropriate: Swimming, tennis, rugby, soccer, cricket, athletics, netball and on the art side music, drawing, painting to name a few. People with the appropriate skills teach the children.

We identify existing reputable charities that aid in poverty alleviation, upliftment, education, training, and the like. We then seek to invest into these charities, thereby providing the resources that communities really need. Firstly, by assisting in immediate relief, and then helping to provide long-term and self-sustaining solutions.

Stage 2: Youth 13 to 17 years
In the body section we will add to the sport and art training; mechanics, electrical, plumbing, welding, sewing, knitting, pottery, flower and vegetable production as well as administrative skills.
People with the appropriate skills will facilitate.

Stage 3: Young adults and parents 18 years and older.

The focus on this group will be to teach the men how to be good fathers and the ladies to be good wives and mothers. A training course is in place.
Here we will also start looking at career choices for the school leavers and with their skills already developed they could choose to be self employed.
Manufacturing hubs will be created, where products and services can be marketed in the area. This on its own creates employment opportunities in the fields of sales, delivery, packaging, product promotions and many more.

Our Mission
To train leaders to teach the Spirit and Soul part of our vision and to source suitably qualified people to teach and train the Body part.
We require a strategically placed venue that can both be our admin and training centre as well having access to sport and agricultural facilities.

Staff will consist of “Year of your life volunteers”, contractors and salaried staff and growth will be relevant to finances becoming available.

A percentage of profit made at the business hubs can be used to finance projects.

Please help us to uplift the community through teaching, skills development and sustainable practices.

Would you like to be a part of Lets Help? Would you like to help on of our valuable causes? Take a look at our projects, we have many projects that require your help.